How POE Works? Is it dangerous?

I linked my Client E410 POE  Giga Data port to my Smart tv and it is working perfectly. I'd like to understand how is it possible? Can I damage my tv? How POE works?

Please correct me if I misunderstood your query:

Cambium PoE provided with cnPilot devices have two ethernet ports:

  • "Gigabit Data+Power" is marked on one of the ethernet port.
  • "Gigabit Data" is marked on the other ethernet port.

If Smart TV is connected to "Gigabit Data" it should not harm TV.

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PoE devices will perform a check to ensure the connected devices can accept PoE.

Please see the below from this site:

"This voltage is safe for users, but it can still damage equipment that has not been designed to receive PoE. Therefore, before a PoE switch or midspan (known as a PSE, for power sourcing equipment) can enable power to a connected IP camera or other equipment (known as a PD, for powered device), it must perform a signature detection process.

Signature detection uses a lower voltage to detect a characteristic signature of IEEE-compatible PDs (a 25kOhm resistance). Once this signature has been detected, the PSE knows that higher voltages can be safely applied."

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Maybe I didn’t do myself clear. I am using the Giga Data port to send internet signal to TV. I am not energising TV with the POE adapter.

Yes! I am using the Gigabit Data Port just to send internet signal to TV.
I am getting that signal but, in fact, I don’t understand how it works.

Regarding the power, your PoE injector is powering the access point, the power is delivered through the Ethernet cable that is plugged into the E410.

Regarding data, the E410 is receiving data via it's mesh link (wireless radio) it then transfers this data through the Ethernet cables to your PoE injector. The Data port of your poe injector then send this data to your Smart TV.

Both Ethernet cables that are plugged into your PoE Injector are transferring data but only one of them is providing power (PoE).

Does that help?

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Thank you so much!