How to Access PTP 820/850 radio from LAN port of POE or the data port?

Summary :

All the PTP 820 and 850 series out of box radios are by default accessible via Management interface with default IP address

However, we would need to set up management service points to pass management traffic over data interfaces.

This helps to go with single cable solutions for both data and management traffic (In-band management).

Usually, users wish to use LAN port of POE injector for management access.

Note: Number of Interfaces and logical mapping may differ based on the product model. Please refer to the technical descriptions for different products for detailed information related to the product interfaces and the specifications.

Solution :

We can configure the management service points to setup any data interface for management access.

Refer below picture explaining the basic setup:

Step 1:

Login into the unit via management interface and navigate to Ethernet>Services>MNG>Service points.

Refer below screenshot:

Step 2
Once you click on MNG> service point, the below window will appear.

Click on Add
Refer below screenshot:

Step 3
Once you click on Add, below window will appear:

Select the Pre-defined options as “Option#1 (MNG, dot1q), Service point name “Ethernet”, Interface location as “Ethernet slot 1 port 1” or any Ethernet/data interface that you wish to use for management access.

In case you wish to add Management VLAN, you can add that under C-VLAN encapsulation, else you can keep this as Untagged and apply.
Refer below screenshot:


In case you wish to access the remote end radio over the wireless link, you can create another Management service point and select the interface location as the “Radio interface”, may be radio 1 or radio 2 or MC_ABC group based on the setup and apply.

Step 4:

Navigate to Platform>Management>Networking>Local and enable In-Band management.

Note: This option to enable In-band will appear only in case of PTP 850-C, for other product line the previous mentioned configuration is all what we require.

You may also see an option, Unit Management mode, with multiple options in the drop down.

It is strongly recommended Not to change this option. Keep it as default to “Standalone”

Refer below screenshot: