How to activate HW sheduling on 5700BH20

I have not found the way to activate HW sheduling on the BH units. We have both 5700 and 5200 units…how is HW sheduling enabled on the BH or do these always work with sw sheduling?

To run hardware scheduling on the BH modules you must have P9 hardware on both ends of the link. For 5.7, P9 module MAC addresses start at 0a003ef12aff and 0a003e00f4e4 for 5.2 mudules.

CNUT version 1.1 comes with a tool to enable hardware scheduling. Under tools run CNUTHwScheduler.

What version of Canopy software are on your BH modules? What FPGA version? What are the MAC addresses of the modules? Can you select between hardware and software scheduling on the configuration page of the BH master?

Hardware Scheduling wasnt available until 7.2.9 which has come out after your post. So upgrade to 7.2.9, validate that you are using P9’s, and then you will be able to user hardware scheduler in BH’s.

What benefits are there to running hardware scheduling on a BH link?