How to add an antenna

I haver a need to have a link using 2 force 300csm using omni antennas. I would like to add an omni antenna to the dropdown list for antennas. I seem to recal that I did this befor but I cant find how to do this now…

Any help would be apreciated…

As I understand, you are looking to add a user defined antenna to the PTP link in the LINKPlanner desktop application.

For PTP links, to add custom antenna click on “Other” option in the antenna dropdown list.

Once you click on Other option, User-Defined Antenna pop up window will appear. Please add the required details of the antenna and click OK to add the new antenna.

Alternatively, you can add the user defined antenna by following the below steps,

  • Go to Project Configuration → PTP Antennas. Click on New Antenna option in the left corner.

  • User-Defined Antenna pop up window will appear, fill in the required details and then click OK. New Antenna will be added to the PTP Antenna list. You can select the new added antenna to specific PTP links using the antenna dropdown list.

Please note that adding custom antenna feature is not yet added to the LINKPlanner Online.