How to add links on my captive portal

I would like to add links to my website and other places on the cnmaestro captive portal. How can I do that?
example: For more information visit our website
example2: Download our app here “Download APP”

Thank you


Could you please share type of cnMaestro Guest Access portal have you configured.

Hello, it’s just the basic one. I only changed the logo and bg. The other issue I thought I had figured out was the whitelist. Is not working.
I have an app I use for guest access code delivery, also I have information on my website on how the hotspot works. But when I connect to the wifi network, I can’t access nether my website not download app.

I don’t know if it’s possible to add links to the splash page, but as an alternative, could you use the “On Success Redirect to URL” option to redirect people to a page containing all the info you want?