How to add radius attribute for dynamic vlan in DaloRADIUS for cnPilot e410


   I am implementing WP2 Enterprise for my office network also included dynamic vlan assignment. I am using FreeRADIUS as my radius server and I am currently facing some issues when I configure dynamic vlan for cnPilot. I have already configured some options at cloud controller and added Radius attribute for cambium at DaloRADIUS and applied this to user account. When I login with this account, I can't login and got and error message "Can't login to this Wi-Fi". Can someone tell me how can I solve this problem? Thanks.

Radius based VLAN Pool.JPG


If you are using dynamic VLAN, its not required to configure CAMBIUM-WIFI-VLAN-POOL-ID vendor specific attribute. You only need following 3 RADIUS attributes.

Tunnel-Type = "VLAN",
Tunnel-Medium-Type = "IEEE-802",
Tunnel-Private-Group-Id = "20",

Make sure you enable Dynamic VLAN in the RADIUS server configuration:


Also allow all the VLANs on AP Ethernet port and Switch port.

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Hi Gupta Bobby,

          Sorry for my late reply. It works now. Thanks for your infromation.

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