How to add Replacement AP in XMS-Cloud?


This article describes how to add the replacement AP in XMS-Cloud.


Below process is same for both Command-Center and Independent Tenant managed accounts.

This is for replacement AP’s only and not for newly purchased AP’s. If you have a new AP you wish to add to XMS-Cloud, please follow the below guide:

Step 1 : Navigate to My Network → Access Points → Add/Remove → Select the Faulty AP Serial Number and click “Replace” option.

Step 2 : “Replace Selected Access Point” screen will appear, add the replacement Serial Number and click on REPLACE (Hostname and Location is optional)


Step 3 : The Replacement AP will appear as “Waiting” in the Status tab. Once it has reachability to XMS-Cloud will show as “Installed”.

The Faulty AP will appear as “Replaced” in the Status tab.


Please use the “Replace” option only on active cloud licensed AP. If an AP is in Expired state, please renew the support contract.

Please contact our renewal team via below email address:

Additional Information:

If AP is stuck in “Waiting” state and doesn’t show up “Online”, please follow the below KB article on “How do I bring my AP online and activate it in XMS-Cloud” to troubleshoot further.