How to apply licence floating ?

I installed Prizm 3.1 (linux version) with licence for 10 elements.I have some licecses for Canopy Lite SM floating from 512K to 1Mbps.How I can do it because I added the AP where are registred the Lite SMs and I can’t find the option for SM licence floating.


You have to enable “allow bandwidth license use” in your bandwidth configuration in Prizm. Once authentication and all of that good stuff is enabled on the AP in question and your SMs re-register and authenticate, they should pull the license.

Where is the option “allow bandwidth license use” on prizm config ?
I added the AP element in “Network elements:access points” and also in “Recently Accepted Elements”,I discovered all SM registred to the AP but I can’t find the option for the licence floating.

It won’t be in the network or element configuration. You need to go to your custom Prizm configurations (click Network > Define Configurations). Create a bandwidth profile for your SMs that reflect the speeds you want, then under Allow Bandwidth License Use, select Enabled.

Done,and after this ?

Are the licenses installed in the license manager so that Prizm knows they are there? If not, that’s your next step. I think you need to restart the prizm server afterwards to refresh the licensing info. Once done with that you just need to apply your newly created bandwidth plan to the SMs you want to use the licenses. Once they authenticate they should pull the license.

I can see the floating licences in “Licensing Information” but how to pull the licence in the SM.

The SM will automatically pull the license when it authenticates. Make sure you have set your AP up to “Authentication Required” and that the config source is BAM. Once the SM registers it will authenticate with Prizm and grab a license.

When I put “Authentication required” in the AP and “Authentication Server 1” the IP address of the Prizm the problem is that SM doesn’t register any more to the AP.

Now seams to be OK but the SM doesn’t take the upgrade licence.I created the right profile with BAM authentication in AP and in PRIZM.Now in the Prizm AP is “managed” and the SM is “Provisioned” but the floating licence is still not uploaded.