How to automate ePMP configuration backup

Good evening. Is there a way to automate that task and backup every .json configuration file of SM’s and AP connected to the cloud or even reachable by management network?

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CnMaestro does not have such capability. But you can implement it with quite simple Bash or Python script to fetch it via SNMP.


we use SNMP and curl.
Using snmp:

  1. create backup file in the radio
  2. get file’s url

Then, with curl:

  1. save that file.
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Cambium have hinted that this functionality will come to CNMaestro.
Whether it will be a paid for feature or not not sure.

You can use SNMP to pull the configs unless you are using AC radios with 4.6 or later with PPPoE DHCP and Separate Management Interface, 4.6 on broke it on AC radios.

It’s Cambium’s MO to charge for features…

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