How to automate Reboot Router?

Unit: cnPilot E400

I want to automate reboot every 6:00 AM.

Thank You.

FYI - I moved this into the cnPilot e-series forum, as these folks know a lot more about this stuff...

You can set this up from the CLI of the access point (over telnet/ssh) or, push it down as a device-override in cnMaestro.

E410(config)# service schedule reload


  HH:MM:SS    : Time in Hour:Min:Sec Format <24 Hr Format>


E410(config)# service schedule reload 06:00:00

E410(config)# save

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Command does not work in E400.

what is the software version on your e400? (do a 'show version' in the CLI to check)

Software version:

this feature was added in a later release, can you please upgrade to 3.5.2 or 3.6 and try?

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Hi, we have e600 APs in few buses, imternet is made with huawei lte sticks.
Some buses are working fine, some of them are needed to be restart (turn bus off).
Workaround is to make service schedule reload HH:MMSS.
Is therw any solutions to do reboot when thwrw is no internet connectivity (like a condition)?

could you please send me a private message to

I would love to know why you would want to auto reboot?

Maybe an explination of the application?


Issue you see that this "should cure"?

50% of buses are offline, they are powered and client get ip, but internet connextiin is down.
Dont know why, config is the same on all buses, same model if ap, same stick…
When using that AP in wire working fine…
Mabe power in buses is not stable (12 volts) which is making think to stop working, we will continue to troubleshoot…,

Still need a little more...

I have routers with several years of uptime. Before the recent "CVE"... 3 years without a reboot was common. So when people ask about "auto rebooting a router..." I wonder what sort of garbage they are dealing with.