How to become a Hospitality Partner?



If you are involved in the Hospitality vertical, selling Wi-Fi to hotels, resorts, campgrounds, residence, hospitals, cruise lines, you may want to join the Hospitality Program.

If you want to understand what is behind the program and how to register, feel free to ask.






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More information please.

If you have evidence of an existing Wi-Fi foot print in Hospitality, you can join the program, by clicking on the link for "Hospitality Program" on the web banner at the bottom of the channel portal website. 

You will be directed to a PDF you need to fill with your company information as well as your references, and send this back by email to the Hospitality group. In every region of the world there will be someone reviewing your application. 

From there on if you are approved, you will benefit from the dedicated sales and technical support and enjoy specific discounts on every opportunity under DR (Deal Registration) when above $2'000.

Same applies by the way for the Education Program for the partners involved in Education.

If we are going to be selling to Hotel's and Resorts is it mandatory that we become a Cambium Networks Hospitality Partner?

As hospitality isn't a core part of our business but we have from time to time done some installation's for customers in Hospitality.

Thank you

Nothing mandatory actually but a strong guidance if you want to benefit from dedicated sales and technical support from our Hospitality vertical focus team.
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Hello Peter,
How can I help you? Let me know what I have missed in former post and comments.

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