How to bridge LAN and Wireless data from R200/201 to external gateway

There are many situations where you would like to bridge your LAN port and Wireless data from R200 to your external gateway including DHCP packets . which also means that you want WAN and LAN ports to obtain DHCP IP address from your external DHCP server on this bridge .

To accomplish this task on R200 , you will need multi WAN configuration .

First WAN will have manamgement traffic only which means WAN port will get a DHCP Ip from your external server.

if you are in need of sending SIP traffic also from your R200 then make this profile as Managment +Voice.

After this create one more WAN profile which will be a bridge profile and will be used for all data , DHCP requests from clients (LAN and WiFi both) . this will be used for all bridge related requirements .