How to bypass NAT to make VOIP work?

How to assign an ATA adapter an address from the allowed range of the SIP server?
How to bypass NAT to make VOIP work?
Is it possible to create a vlan network and let DHCP come to the ATA adapter?

An example of a network is attached.
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Does NAT helper feature matches with what you are looking for?

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ok for epmp… but in pmp450b ?

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For 450 we use the NAT DMZ feature and make the ATA the DMZ target.


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How to access the device afterwards?

Most ATA’s allow you to configure the management ports. As an example, for the common Cisco/Linksys ATA, you can configure the http mgmt port for whatever you want, so it doesn’t interfere with the radio’s port 80 management. If your ATA’s ports can’t be changed, you can always change the 450’s.

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that you have a good firewall upstream at your headend that restricts access to any incoming requests to the radios to reduce the likelihood security issues with both the radio, and DMZ device.