How to change default IP Address

How to change the default IP Address for web management ?

Kind of annoying if can't change manually. is the fallback IP address for VLAN 1. Interface VLAN1 is configured to use DHCP by default and uses the fallback IP if no DHCP server responds.

If you're not using DHCP and want to acces the device using a different IP address you can configure VLAN1 to have any static IP address and use that for management. 

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The default IP address mode on the E400 is DHCP, is the fallback IP used if a DHCP server is not found. 

If you are using static IP addresses for your network you can assign the AP a static IP from GUI or CLI, then it will be used instead of the (& DHCP client will be turned off)

To do this, under GUI this is under Configure->Network (set an IP for interface vlan 1):

From the CLI (SSH/TELNET):

interface vlan 1

 ip address