How to change the admin login password via cnmaestro template


This article explains how to change the admin password via cnMaestro (the device must be onboarded and online). It will be very helpful in the below scenarios:

  • If the user forgets the admin password.
  • If the factory default config is disabled “via power cycle” or Retain password is enabled”. We cannot reset the password in both conditions. Then cnMaestro-based admin password reset will be the saviour.

In this setup, I will be changing the admin login password of ePMP 2000 AP using the backup config file from an SM.


  1. The ePMP device must be onboarded and online on cnMaestro.
  2. You should have config backup from any ePMP RADIO whose login password is known. This will help to get the hash value of the admin password to the template.


  1. Download the Backup config from the SM or any ePMP device, whose password is known to you.
    Note: Config file from cnMaestro will not have the hash value details.

  2. In this case, the admin password is default i.e., admin and the hash value is: “$1$Q4yAUtfC$E0acJjgS3LxPdxVTghsYh.

    Note: Open the backup config file and search by admin and it will show the details.

  3. Use the below template and replace the hash value with the known password’s hash:
    This is an updated template with the hash value for “admin” as a password.

    "device_props": {
        "cambiumSysAccountsTable": [{
            "cambiumSysAccountsName": "admin",
            "cambiumSysAccountsHash": "$1$Q4yAUtfC$E0acJjgS3LxPdxVTghsYh.",
            "cambiumSysAccountsUID": "1000",
            "cambiumSysAccountsGID": "4",
            "cambiumSysAccountsDir": "\/tmp",
            "cambiumSysAccountsShell": "\/usr\/bin\/clish"

    Note: Please validate the json before loading it into the cnMaestro.
    You may use:

  4. Load and apply the template in cnMaestro:

    Paste the template here and save it.

    • Go to cnMaestro >> ePMP 2000 AP >> configuration >> Select the template you saved >> apply.

    Once you apply the template, ideally will take few mins and you can try the new password.

Access the device and use the applied admin password to log in.

Note: If you have used the exact same template pasted here, please change the password to strong combinations once you log in.