How to change the cnMaestro "Cloud Account Name"?


We added the ability for the customers to rename their own organization name post their registration on our Cambium support website ( Change in the support page will auto update the cnMaestro cloud account name with the new name.


To change your cnMaestro cloud account name, you need to make the change in cambium support website.
Login to the support page with the registered email address, select “Company” from the top-right menu, then select the account you want to rename.

Important Note:

As long as you are an admin of the account, you should see an “Edit Details” link which will allow you to change the name of the account.


  • Select the Cambium id or Organization name that you would like to change:
    As an example : I selected the cambium id - “SUPPORT_LAB_RM”, then click on the “Edit Details” link to change the organization name.


  • Enter the new name in the “Name” section and click on “Save Details”



  • Post the name change you will see the notification as below


Logout and relogin to your existing cnMaestro cloud account and you would see that it is updated with the new name:

  • Click on Home page after cloud login, top-right corner will show the new organization name as per the below screen shot.


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What about editing the maestro on-premise account.


Organization name exist only for the cloud account not for on-premises server, we show the cambium id in place of organization name which can’t be changed.

sorry I meant cambium ID in cnMaestro onpremise.
It does not look nice having “cnmaestro_on_premises” as the cambium ID
At least some difinitive name decided by the admin



Sorry, we don’t have an option to change the cambium id for on-premises server.

@Support_Kumar is it something you are considering to work on?

Hi Timothy – yes, we are planning to add this, but it will be in the context of the Anchor Account. So when a cnMaestro On-Premises server connects to an Anchor Account, the Cambium ID it inherits will be from the Anchor Account.

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It is important.
We recently lost business because of that.

Another thing is having sharing in cnmaestro by device.
For integrators, we have many client’s and some clients would want to have us monitor their devices as well as they do

Good Day

Have some news on this topic?

Hi Bruno – this will be included in the 3.1.0 on-premises release, targeted for early-December.