How to choose the best frequency using spectrum analyzer?


let's say I have a spectrum analyzer graph from AP and I don't want to use ACS.

How can I choose the best frequency?

Could you give me some example?

For example, I have this graph:

I can see I have about -78 from 5645 to 5670.

Let's say I want to use a 20MHz channel.

Should I choose 5670 and consider 20MHz below, or 5655 and consider 10MHz below and 10MHz up the central frequency?

How does it work?

Thank you :)


Consider 10 mhz below and 10mhz up from center frequency, your work is pretty dificult in this scenario many channels ocupped.

sorry for my english.


Do you have access to the 5.1-5.3, or 5.7.-5.8 frequencies in your region? If the SA you show is all that you have access to, then you're going to to have to use a 20 or 10mhz channel width and try to fit into one of those valleys. Is anyone else at this site using Cambium equipment? If so, you might be able to do some GPS sync, and use back to back frequency reuse.

5.1-5.3 is not the best frequency for my antennas which have better gain on 5.5-5.7
5.7-5.8 is also crowded

Unfortunately I’m the only one using Cambium

I have to use the less interfered frequency. What do you suggest based on Spectrum Analyzer?