How to configure cnPilot E-series AP in NAT mode?


This document explains about the requirement and configuration required while configuring the Local DHCP server on the cnPilot AP.


ISP is providing only a single IP or needs a separate network for wireless clients.


Router (With External DHCP server (VLAN1)) >> >> POE/Switch >> CnPilot E-series device.

Note: I have considered VLAN 1 and 2 as an example as my external DHCP server is configured with IP pool in VLAN 1 and I have created DHCP pool on AP in VLAN 2.

Both the VLANs can be changed as per your requirement.


Configure Cambium Access Point in NAT mode.

Please follow the below steps to configure the AP:

Step 1: Log into the GUI of the AP using its IP address and Enter the Username and Password.

Step 2: Create VLAN 1 Interface: Click on Configuration>>Network>> VLAN>>Add new L3 interface and select a VLAN ID as 1 shown in the figure below:

Configure IP address: - This IP is used to access the device.

  • DHCP: If you want that AP should get IP from the DHCP server.
  • Static IP and Network Maskas per your requirement.

Step 3: Create VLAN 2 Interface: Click on Add new L3 interface and select a VLAN ID as 2 shown in the figure below:

  • Configure IP address: - This IP is used to access the device and this should be static.
  • NAT should be enabled.
  • Click on save to save all the configuration.

Note: I have considered the IP address and created the DHCP pool in the same subnet range as an example. You can use any other IP as per your requirement.

Step 4: Create DHCP server: Click on Configuration >> Network >> DHCP>> Create Pool and Pool ID:

Step 5: Configure the range of IP address, Default gateway, and DNSSave the configuration.

Step 6: Click on Configuration >>WLAN >>Add LAN

Create a Wireless LAN tab and select the WLAN ID (Any number) as shown below:

Step 7: Configure >> WLAN>>Basic

  • Enable the radio
  • Mesh is off by default
  • SSID: Choose the SSID that will be broadcast for this WLAN.
  • VLAN: You need to enter the VLAN ID on which you want to assign an IP address to your clients. In this case, we created the DHCP pool in VLAN 2. Hence VLAN id is 2.
  • There are three options available for Security:-
  1. Open should be selected to give access to clients to connect with SSID without using any password.
  1. WPA2 Pre-shared Keys: - We need to enter a password in the Passphrase field to provide security.
  2. WPA2 Enterprise: - To use a Radius server for authentication.
  • Configure Max Client as per your requirement and Click o Save to save all the above configuration.
  • Leave rest of the configuration as default.

Please find the below screenshot for your reference:

Results: In this case, the client will connect to SSID cnPilot and gets IP from the DHCP range configured on the AP. The dashboard will provide us the information of the clients once they connect with the SSID.

Note: Ensure that AP is on the latest version. You can check or download the latest version for cnPilot E-series devices from below Links: