How to configure ePMP 1000 hotspot/e400/e500 to make it operational

Step 1. Configure >> System >> Country Code

Configure Country Code and Save the configuration as shown below:


Step 2. Configure >> Radio

  • Enable operation of the radio
  • Please select Channel on Auto or select any channel from the dropdown as per your requirement
  • Configure Transmit Power as per your requirement and Save the configuration as shown below:


Step 3. Configure >> WLAN>>Create Wireless LAN

Create Wireless LAN tab and select the WLAN ID(Any Random number)as shown below:


Step 4. Configure >> WLAN>>Basic

  • Enable the radio
  • Mesh is off by default
  • Configure SSID as per your requirement
  • VLAN should be 1 or as configured Under Network >>VLAN
  • There are three options available for Security :-
  1. Open should be selected to give access to clients to connect with SSID without using any password.
  2. WPA2 Pre-shared Keys: - We need to enter password in the Passphrase field to provide security.
  3. WPA2 Enterprise: - To use Radius server for authentication.
  • Configure Max Client as per your requirement and Click on Save to save all the above configuration.


Step 5. Network>> VLAN

Note: This field is Optional as per your requirement.

Add new L3 interface and select a VLAN ID as shown in figure below:


Step 6: Network>> VLAN>>

  • Configure IP address:-
    • DHCP should be selected if DHCP server is installed on your Network and you want to provide IP address to this device from that DHCP server Pool.
    • Static IP and Network Mask as per your requirement.
  • Zeroconf IP should be checked.
  • Management Access: - Either Wired or both Wired/Wireless as per your requirement.
  • Default route and DNS server should be configured under Routing  & DNS in case if you are using static IP address.
  • Click on save to save all the configuration.