How to configure PMP450b

i want to 450 AP Software Link

Radio software and documentation can be found at

thanks you, i want one doubt ,how to config 450b in access point

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The 450b cannot be configured as an AP. It can be configured in point to point (PtP) mode however.


please send to me configuration link sir.

how to config ptp mode

my device not display the device type

how to config 450b model ptp mode

Some 450b are sold as SM only radios, and are not configurable to PTP links. This can be easily determined by the Model Number of the radio.

If the model number is: C050045CxxxA, then it can ONLY operate as a SM.
If the model number is: C050045BxxxA, then it can function as either a PTP (BH) or SM.

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if so, the number that allows configuring the equipment for ptp does it mean that two pmp450B can make a ptp without problems?

Yes. I answered in the other thread you posted this question… which is in agreement with the answer given above.

If you have two radios with model number C050045B025A, they can be configured as a PTP link.