How to configure port forwarding on cnPilot R-series

I am informed the last posting was about 5yrs ago, I dont seem to get a way around port fowarding on this Cambium router, i have a web based System running on port xxxx of a computer with ip y:y:y:y and i want it accessible outside but i cant seem to get a way around it.

Never seen an image of cnPilot software.

Well. Same software used by Flyingvoice products. Really interesting…

Hi @Emenyu_Jimmy,

Please find below the steps to configure the port forwarding rule:
Navigate to Network->Port Forward.
Add LAN host {Destination-} IP address.
Port number/range and protocol.
Try connecting to the router’s WAN IP + port.

Traffic will be forwarded to the destination LAN host.

Please find below an example of the port-forwarding rule.

NOTE: Source IP address was introduced to limit the access to the specific host.


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