How to configure port forwarding on cnPilot R-series

I am informed the last posting was about 5yrs ago, I dont seem to get a way around port fowarding on this Cambium router, i have a web based System running on port xxxx of a computer with ip y:y:y:y and i want it accessible outside but i cant seem to get a way around it.

Never seen an image of cnPilot software.

Well. Same software used by Flyingvoice products. Really interesting…

Hi @Emenyu_Jimmy,

Please find below the steps to configure the port forwarding rule:
Navigate to Network->Port Forward.
Add LAN host {Destination-} IP address.
Port number/range and protocol.
Try connecting to the router’s WAN IP + port.

Traffic will be forwarded to the destination LAN host.

Please find below an example of the port-forwarding rule.

NOTE: Source IP address was introduced to limit the access to the specific host.


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I tried to use this service and now it looks like is not working, but I don’t if it worked before as I didn’t find anything with a practical example.

The post above is just showing where to make the configuration, it is not showing it working.

Do you have some test?

Thank you so much.

Are you only looking for a test case to check if this works or not ?
Or do you need help in setting up port-forwarding to access a LAN host from WAN ?

Please share the scenario which did not work for you.

Yes, I’m traying to set that and I’m not getting, I will share the configuration I did soon.

When I try to access https://xx.x.x.x:80 or x.x.x.x:443. I can see the radio portal but when I try with a different port x.x.x.x:4000 this does not work.

Hi all,
We tested setting in this way below and now it is working.

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