How to configure VLAN on ePMP

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Please tell me how to properly configure vlan on both sides?

If from the AP side on the switch you configure the tag management port and the native service, and on the SM side you configure only the management vlan, then everything works fine. Now we need to submit two services to the subscriber. Here’s the problem. If you just add the second service to the tag on the AP switch and add it to the vlan membership on SM, then the first service stops working.

Hello, Kim!

Which AP and SM are you using? What is SW version on them?

Please, provide a screenshot of the network settings page from your SM with configuration you are trying: GUI >> Configuration >> Network

Do you mean your subscriber should have two services : one with tag and one without tag? What kind of equipment is connected to the SM? What are the services you want to provide?

SM - epmp force 190. AP - epmp 3000.

At the moment everything works. from the ap side, the switch serves tag management and native Internet service.

There are many subscribers on this AP, one of them needs Internet and Sip services. On the AP side, this vlan tag was added to the switch, a separate vlan for the Internet service was made and also in the tag. from SM side added to membership vlan internet and sip.

After SM, there is also a switch on which the port is configured trunk.

As soon as other vlans are added to the trunk from the AP side on the switch to the port, all subscribers begin to fall off.

what could be the problem?

It is not so easy to understand your configuration with general phrases. Could you provide more details?
It will be good with vlan numbers, networks in vlans, switch’s port configuration and Network tab screenshot from SM.

Do you have a telegram? can i write there?


If I understand your needs:
You must TAG (not native) all your VLAN on your AP’s switch (management, voice, internet?).
On the AP just put separate vlan mgmt.
On your SM (bridge mode), you must have separate vlan for management, and voice and internet vlans in network - vlan membership. Then a switch to manage those two vlan in your customer’s lan.

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Now from the side of AP tagged vlan only management. the Internet service runs via native vlan. Only VLAN management is registered on SM. Everything works.

as soon as we start adding other vlans to the tag on the AP switch, subscribers begin to disconnect.

After resetting epmp 3000 AP, I cannot go inside, what should I do? Help please

Configure your computer IP and you will be able to access AP GUI on