How to connect cnPulse to CMM4?

Hi guys...

I recently bought some cnPulses which I'm trying to make work. The reason for this is that I wanted to buy some UGPS modules but our provider advised that this item was replaced by cnPulse. I thought this was and straightforfward replacement, but it has a completely different pin out. I dont see documentation on how this connection is done. All I see is the CMM4 is referenced only in the quick start guide, but thats it. This is an active deployment on which the original antenna failed and I'm trying to replace it. Is there a custom cable I can build to make it work? I appreciate any advice. 


I have forwarded this to the product development and support teams.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Hi Alvarobuelvas,

I'll let someone from the product team respond on this, but in the meantime here is where you can find some additional information that may help you.  

You can download the latest sync guide here 

A post on the uGPS pinout is here

A post on the cnPulse pinout is here 

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