How to connect the Camera to the PTP650 using AUX port

  • Make sure that both the radios are loaded with FULL license key.
  • Once the license key is loaded with the FULL license you will have ‘’Second Data Service’’ option enabled on the radio.

This optional point-to-point transparent service offers a second virtual circuit for customer’s data between one of the Ethernet ports at the local ODU and one of the Ethernet ports at an associated remote ODU. The Data Service and Second Data Service are always mapped to different ports at an ODU. The Data traffic of the two services are distinct and are separately bridged to the appropriate configured remote ODU port.

The Second Data Service provides a single class of service, which can be configured to match any of the eight classes of the Data Service.

  • The ‘’Second Data Service’’ feature can be used for AUX port or SFP ports of Master and Slave.
  • The PTP 650 maintains complete separation between Ethernet traffic in the data service and the second data service so there won’t be any communication between these two services.
  • Enable the Second Data Service under System >> Configuration >> LAN Configuration on Master and Slave and complete the configuration.


  •   Connect the Camera to the AUX port of the radio.
  •   We can also use ePMP devices like ePMP radios in place of IP Camera.