How to cope multiple data or membership vlan in PTMP?


***scenrio: Managable switch>>EPMP>>(ptmp)SM1&SM2
: SM1 is connected to vlan 10 CPE, SM2 is connected to vlan 95 CPE.

***Requirement: All units(AP and SMs) has to accessible with management vlan(44) and each CPE has to be working in its data vlan, all at the same time.
Do i need to configure membership vlan in this case?

thanks in advance…

All you need to do is set management vlan 44 on each radio and then on the two CPEs, set data vlan 10 on one and data vlan 95 on the other. This will tag the data vlan on the wireless interface and untag it on the ethernet interface.

If, on the other hand you simply wish to pass the tagged vlans through the CPEs, you only need to set the management vlan. Any other tagged vlans will pass through the radios.


Do i need to configure membership vlan in this case?

No, membership vlan is vlan passing for managed services. Set only the management vlan and the data vlan. As Jacob said, if you just want vlan forwarding then do not set the data vlan. If you need vlan isolation then use the vlan membership to select allowed vlans to pass through as in remain tagged.


Please see this post.! All about vlans and Epmp devices. ePMP VLAN Traffic Pass-through: Example Scenarios

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