How to create a quick BOM Estimate

PTP BOM Estimator

V4.3.2 introduces a new feature for creating BOM Estimates for PTP links. It is now possible to quickly generate the Bill of Materials for a range of PTP link types without having to fully define and configure individual links.

NOTE:         Retired products are not available in the estimates. IRFU and long waveguide links, as well as the TDM Modules for PTP 810 links cannot be estimated at this time.

 Figure 1 -BOM Estimator Panel

Creating an Estimate

Click on the New Configuration button to create an initial estimate and display the BOM Estimate Dialog (shown below). The dialog shows a reduced set of options for configuring a PTP link. Only options which can impact the BOM are available.

NOTE:         Link types that result in multiple paths, such as 1+1 Hot Standby, are all configured through the single page. The secondary antenna selection will appear in the end panel when required.

Figure 2 - BOM Estimate Dialog

The estimate name defaults to a summary of the equipment configuration. The name and description can be changed in either the estimate dialog or through the PTP BOM Configuration table (see below). To return to the default estimate name simply delete the current text.


Figure 3 - Editing the Estimate Description

The item quantity can be edited in the PTP BOM Configuration table. To edit the quantity, double-click in the appropriate cell and enter the new quantity. A quantity of zero will remove the configuration from the Network BOM Estimate.


Figure 4 - Editing the Quantity

The Bill of Materials for Link section in the BOM Estimator Dialog shows the equipment required for the single link. The PTP Network BOM Estimate shows the equipment for each estimate multiplied by its link quantity to give an overall BOM Estimate for the design.

NOTE:         Items which come in multi-packs are shown as the number of individual items. To get the total number of packs required, divide the quantity by the pack size.

Exporting the BOM Estimate as a Spreadsheet

The BOM for all of the estimates can be exported as a spreadsheet. To do this, click on the icon image008.png

This will open a spreadsheet containing the estimates for the project. The spreadsheet will consist of an index sheet, a sheet containing the BOM for all of the estimates and then sheet for each estimate configuration.

Figure 5 - Estimate Spreadsheet

"BOM Estimator" is the last item under "Project Configuration".

I hope this helps!