How to create indirect Point to Point link?

I have to create indirect PTP link.  I am creating 3 relays. Please give me advice and your experiences. I am doing this in remote Himalayan area. The radios are in Bridge mode. The switch used in Khatiwada, Mel Lekh & Daud Hospital are unmanaged Cisco 9F series Unmanaged Switches. Thanks. Am I doing it wrong or right? 


There should be no issue using three ptp links in a row. You might want to set them up in ePTP mode to have lower latency.




Not sure if the lightning bolt is supposed to be a wireless link or not...

Having an RB between the two backhauls at the tower is not necessary (though it is certainly handy).  If your only goal is to get that DSL modem Internet through 3 pairs of links, I would probalby just do without the RB myself.

Definitely do ePTP mode as was suggested!

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