How to create one time user voucher code

Hi Guys,

1. But now I'm experiencing one-time user voucher code error. We were created "User Device limit" 1 but two or more customers are accessing internet access with one voucher code.

When we monitoring from cnmasestro.

How can we fix it?

2. How to monitor each user traffic flow?

Hi, I believe the limit is for concurrent devices. So s user could connect their laptop initially, then after disconnecting could reuse the voucher with their tablet. But both devices shouldn’t be able to connect at the same time.

Could you please enable “Bind Voucher to Device” and see if that stops users using multiple devices?

Client information can be viewed under the “Sessions” tab. Please make sure “Client Login Event Logging” is enabled under the basic tab.

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"Bind Voucher to Device" that is impossible current our situation. We already sold out voucher to the customer and we don't know with the device will be connected which voucher code and then separated four types system 1G/day, 5G/a week and so on.

Do you have any other idea or solution?

When bind voucher to device feature is enabled then cnMaestro will just lock the device MAC address to the given voucher when it's claimed for the first time and later if any other device tries to use the same voucher it will fail.

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