How to create two networks in the same ap. without communicating with each other

How can I generate two networks in the same ap pilot e600?

a staff network and a public network

I need the public network to have no communication with the staff network.

I already created a vlan in another segment, but if I ping my staff network, they are still visible between each other.

I would like the two networks not to communicate with each other

You can enable network wide client isolation feature on any one of the WLAN this will prevent the communication between clients connected in 2 different wlan’s/vlan’s.

This feature is available under WLAN configuration.

I already tried it that way, but it doesn’t work for me.

I ping and they keep communicating

Ping might not be the best test as it is ICMP traffic and maybe not treated the same way as TCP/UDP - I don’t know, it’s just a guess. Can you actually make connections to devices in the other VLAN?

Either way, it would seem that whichever device is acting as the router on your network may be allowing the traffic to flow between VLANs, so have you tried configuring rules there to prevent this? For example, the router on my network does not block inter-VLAN traffic by default, if it has a route, it will use it unless it is set not to. Even then, this doesn’t apply to pings unless a specific firewall rule is set to block ICMP too (which is why I suggested it).

From my understanding, the network-wide client isolation setting prevents hosts on the same SSID from seeing each other - is that the case for you with it enabled?

Use a different Vlan for each WLAN. Now networks are isolated, they can communicate only trouigh their router/gateway. What device do you use?

Can you please let us know what is the firmware version that you are using on the AP and also share the techsupport file of the AP to my email id

@OmarAtilano Who are and

192.168.0.X is the LAN over dhcp and 192.169.1.x is a vlan on the ap

cambium cn pilot e600

Software Version


I sent you the file to the mail

Please try below configuration. Update configuration based on your VLANs.
Config.txt (4.5 KB)