How to customize PMP links using LInk Formatting Rules

How to customize PMP links using Link Formatting Rules


LINKPlanner version 4.3.4 supports formatting rules for PMP links. Similar to PTP Link Formatting rules, PMP rules can be used to control the style and visibility of PMP links when exporting to different formats or when viewing the PMP links in the project or map. If the rule evaluates to true for the PMP link, then the configured rule actions are applied. The rules are applied in the order that they are defined in the Link Formatting List. To change the order of the items, drag and drop them to new location.

The underlying functionality for PMP rules remains exactly same as PTP and can be referenced from following article.

The following are a few screenshots highlighting different panels and windows to access the PMP Link Formatting rules in LINKPlanner.

Navigation Tree



PMP Rule Panel


PMP Rule List