How to De-elevate ubnt

I would like to convert elevated ubnt devices back to ubnt fw. It used to work - I think maybe back in 3.5.6 or so. Is there a known process to de-elevate? I’m on mostly 4.5.6 now. I would try to move to the older fw but its not on the download site any more.

Use tftp to upload original firmware

Just curious, I had “de-elevated” some Ubiquiti’s a while back (like OP they were v3.5.6) and you could just log into the web-gui on the radio and do a normal firmware update , upload the ubiquiti firmware and reboot. Does this not work in the 4x firmware ?

The 4X firmware does not allow ubnt firmware to load. It errors out.

@PFR , I remember seeing a process to use tftp to load firmware. However I don’t have it so need some additional information. If I remember right, after logging into the device you had to navigate to a certain directory location to drop the firmware. I also remember there was a step to delete some config file.
Do you, or does anyone else have a copy of the procedure?

Hi @rdsoutar,

you can try to downgrade to 3.5.6, there it should work.
You can download it here for XM and XW

Once converted to the 4.N.N you cannot convert it back to 3. because the file format isn’t campatible. Not sure what to do.