How to delete account ??

i can,t delete account.

can you delete ?

thank you.

We do not give an option for account deletion by users, but please raise a request with our customer support team and we can help you by de-activating some account which you want us to delete.



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Please invite me in your account as admin role which you want to delete and I can remove from your list.

Can you delete one for me also?

Please invite me in your account as super admin.

I invited you as super admin. Thanks for deleting.


The other account is still there. I think I invited you properly a couple of weeks ago. Please remove if possible.

You need to invite in each account as super admin one by one.

Each Cambium ID is an organization and can be managed.

I sent you another invite just now on the one I want deleted. If you could take care of that, it'd be great.

Haven’t got yet but once received will delete it.

I click invite cambium support and invite this email: Is that correct?

No please send me private message and I will respond with proper e-mail.