How to determine good frequency

I have problems in epmp 1000 with 5Ghz frequency band with 40Mhz canel
May be able to show me, how best to determine the best frequency through spectrum analyzer

Is that graph representative of the channel range that you can and wish to use?  I'm in FCC territory, we can essentially use channels between 5170 and 5845.  

I usually run one scan from 5170 to 5250, then another 5730 to 5845, the higher-power (20-23dB xmit power, 36dB EIRP) parts of the band in FCC regions - I usually reserve lower-power (13-14dB, 30dB EIRP) DFS channels between those for backhauls.

In the SpectrumAnalyzer java app, click on 'Range' and select 'Custom', then choose the lowest frequency allowed where you're deploying as the "lower frequency" end of the range, and set the "upper frequency" as high as the SpecAnal tool will permit (200MHz higher IIRC) or as high as you can use there and run a scan for a while.  Screenshot it, stop the scan, reset the freqs in Range->Custom and run again until you've covered all the frequencies you can legally and usefully use.

Assuming the graph you attached represents spectrum that you are permitted to use in your locale, I'd say your best bet for stable connections is a 20MHz wide channel at 4950.  As high as the noise floor is across that SA graph, I suspect you'd see noticeably better performance with a 20MHz channel than a 40MHz channel that sees interference in the low 70s or mid-high 60s over part of the channel...  (put another way, I think you'd lose more capacity to interference than you'd gain in doubling channel width)


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