How to disable customer's service.


Quick (I hope) newbie questions. I’m trying to disable a customer’s service
(for example for non payment). I’m using the Perl/Soap API.

How is this best done? I have tried using suspendNetworkElements() function and setting the value for ‘Authentication Account State’ directly. Both seem to disable management of the device. This is not what we want. We simply want to disable the customers access. The ‘actionType’ arg doesn’t seem to do anything.

It appears I have to keep the element id to activate SM. We would rather just keep the mac address.

Also what is the proper value for Boolean args? (Enabled/Disabled doesn’t work).

Lastly what steps (functions) do you recommend we use when a customer cancels their service?

TIA for your help.


setElementConfig would be one way to do what you want I think. You could also define a bandwidth plan with ultra low numbers so it appears access is entirely denied. There are other ways but you’ll have to customize the templates for those. ... vie=228022

i’m very interest to this metod …
there is a way that redirect all the sm traffic to a site (of your bank for example) and after reactivate your subscription (only when the customer had paid ? ) :stuck_out_tongue:
another stuff …
there is a way to set an expiration on a sm ? and sending a message (SMS) or an e-mail n days before this expires ? I’m dreaming ? :stuck_out_tongue:

thank you

Prizm does not have anything to provide that feature, but here’s a link to a past discussion thread on this same issue: