How to distinguish which radios support 80 Mhz channels

On 11 and 18 GHz PTP 820 S and C, there are two different hardware designs with same T/R and frequency range. The difference between them is that one HW platform supports only up to 60MHz, and the other supports a wider 80 MHz channel.

You can distinguish them from the SKU description details. Here is an example for 11 GHz:

Radios supports up to 60 MHz channel:

C110082B029A PTP 820C Radio 11GHz,TR500,Ch1W6,Hi,11185-11485MHz
C110082B030A PTP 820C Radio 11GHz,TR500,Ch1W6,Lo,10695-10955MHz

Radio supports up to 80 MHz channel:

C110082B043A PTP 820C Radio 11WGHz,TR500,Ch1W6,Hi,11185-11485MHz
C110082B044A PTP 820C Radio 11WGHz,TR500,Ch1W6,Lo,10695-10955MHz

Hope this helps.