How to e400 run as a modem?

hello every one,

i wan't my e400 to be setted to work as a modem which can pppoe to ISP and assign IP for wire LAN devices.but e400 has only 1 port. so any solution?

This is an E series AP. Why you want to use it as an Internet modem?

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the e400 can pppoe behind converter so why not it can be a modem. but how to deploy with just 1 port only.

If you want to provide service to wired clients, may be getting a wireless extender with wired output ports is the only option. Let that wireless extender connect to your Cambium AP via wireless.

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If you want to service ethernet clients from an AP you can use the E430W. I have personally used this and it works very well.

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Good suggestion. To add onto this, you can also mesh e430 with e400. This can give you an extended range including wired output.