How to enable DHCP Server below SM in ePMP setup


This article describes how to make the DHCP server below SM hand out IP addresses at the AP’s end.


In an ePMP point-to-point or point-to-multipoint setup, by default, a DHCP server can hand out IP addresses to the devices only if it is located at the AP’s end.

In some scenarios, a situation might arise where we would need the DHCP server to be present at the SM’s end and assign IP addresses to the devices at the AP’s end or other connected SMs (in the case of PMP setup).

For this kind of situation, we have to enable the following configuration of the ePMP SM:

Once the “DHCP Server Below SM” option is enabled, the devices located at the AP’s end would be able to get the IP addresses from the DHCP server located at the SM’s end.

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