How to Enter Default Mode or Recovery Console for 450b, 450i and 450m series products

For 450b, 450i and 450m, the process to enter the Recovery Console (formerly called Default Mode) is different than it was for prior products (including PMP/PTP 100, 430 and 450 -- the procedure for the "Default Plug" to enter Default Mode on those products can be found here).

To Enter the Recovery Console on 450b, 450i or 450m based products (including the 900 MHz 450i Access Point):

1) Apply power to PSU for at least 10 seconds.

2) Remove power for two seconds.

3) Re-apply power to the PSU.

4) When the unit is in recovery mode, access the web interface by entering the default IP address The Recovery Image Warning page is displayed.

5) Review the Boot Selection options (Either "Boot - Default Mode", which will temporarily set the IP and Ethernet attributes to factory defaults until the next reboot, or "Boot - Normal" which will simply reboot the radio) .

6) Select a recovery option.

(Note: If a selection is not made by the timer expiration, the radio will reboot into normal operating mode)


Update:  This procedure also applies to 450b series products.

If you’re looking for instructions on using a “Default plug” or entering default mode on an older device (such as the original 450 SM or prior), see instructions here.

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would the default plug still work for the 450b high gain sm? model:3094HH

A physical Default Plug will not work on 450b devices, because there is no port to plug that into. The procedure to enter Default Mode on 450b is above.

thanks for the quick reply. much appreciated!

What about the 450m 3Ghz?

Yes, for a 450m, the same procedure with the 2 second power removal is used

video explicated reset radio 450b ? please :worried:

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