How to fix certificate errors in cnMaestro Cloud with third-party captive portals

In relation to this, does anyone know if we can do this on hosted cnMaestro where we can load a trusted SSL for a multi network/site scenario. This is to avoid the same SSL cert error when redirecting to a 3rd party Captive Portal.

I’m not sure I understand what you’re describing. Can you give some more details?

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I guess what I’m really asking is the same question as ivanp but with regards to cnMaestro cloud (not on prem). How do we get rid of that SSL error?

Certificate errors in captive portals normally happen because the user has tried to access a site over TLS, but the network wants to show different content (eg. a redirect to the captive portal page) instead. Browsers see this as a man-in-the-middle attack and show a certificate error.

This is not specific to hosted versions of cnMaestro - you’d have the same problem with the On-Premises version, and in fact with any Captive Portal implementation. There is no way to redirect a request to without triggering a certificate error.

Browsers do understand this problem though, and try to detect a captive portal by making a plain HTTP request to a known URL, and checking to see if the response looks like it has been tampered with. Since it is plain HTTP, the request can be redirected without causing certificate errors.

It sounds like the problem you are having is that your browser is not detecting the captive portal. Does that sound right?