How to generate and apply license for Capacity upgrade on PMP devices

1. Obtain an entitlement ID (EID) from your distributor in order to get license for the capacity upgrade.

2. Login to and enter the entitlement ID under License Keys>> Entitlements>> Activate Entitlements and click on check as shown below:


3.Once clicked on Check, You should be able to see Activate option under Available Quantity. Click on Activate as above:

4. Enter the Mac address and click on Activate as shown below:

Note: If you know the IP address of the radio, please mention the same but it is optional.


5. Once we click on Activate, license gets generated and it will be available under Recent Entitlements as shown below:


6. Once you copy the license file and open it on a note pad you will see a file similar to as shown below:


  a. Replace the “x” or the default IP address with the IP address which belongs to the unit you wish to upgrade.

For e.g.:

  b. Now login to the radio and paste this license in the address bar of the Web Browser and then press enter.

  c. Wait till the browser will finish to execute the action. Once the E-browser finished to refresh the webpage you will notice that the unit will request to be rebooted, so please proceed with the reboot.

  d.  With this you will finish the process to upgrade the unit.

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