How to generate and apply the ETSI Country code license on ePMP AP/PTP 550 Radios


This article will help us to generate and apply the ETSI license key to all ePMP AP/PTP 550 radios. You would see the below message on the radio:
"Current device allowed to work in ETSI region only. To change the country from Generic ETSI, obtain a Country Code license key"

We need to convert the radio from Generic ETSI to the country of deployment. It would unlock the frequencies as per the country regulation.


Here are the steps to generate and apply the license key.

  1. Use the following link to generate the license: (You will have to login to the support website)

  1. On this page enter your LAN/Ethernet MAC address (Can be found on the radio GUI home page) and select the country from the drop down.

  1. Agree to the terms and condition and click on request key.

  2. You will be redirected to the previous activations tab and here you can see the license which we have to apply on the radio GUI

Here is how a sample license will look like :


  1. Once you have the license key, copy the same and login to the ePMP radio.

  2. Go to Tools → License Management and apply this license under the Fixed License Management tab.


  1. Save and reboot the radio.

  2. The country is now changed.

The license can be generated multiple times for the same radio.

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