How to get alerts when PALs affect us

Anybody have any recommendations how to get alerted when our grants get terminated or EIRP gets reduced due to PAL protection area enforement?

I’m thinking we need cnMaestro to email us whenever this happens, even though automatic action is taken to use an alternate channel or to reduce xmt power. Just not sure how to do this.

cnMaestro offers the option of enabling email notifications, but what is not there is the ability to pick and choose what to be notified about.

In your account, go to Administration → Settings → Notifications and click on the Enable email notification checkbox.

For the CBRS case, the radio raises an alarm for cnMaestro when a grant is terminated or suspended, but in the multi-grant case it won’t explicitly indicate which of the multiple grants was affected. So you will see the notification about the AP, then you would have to check the AP directly to see, for example, out of the three grants how many were terminated and how many are still valid.

From Lucia Valbonesi