How to get MCS15


I received my first Cambium ePMP GPS Synced AP and Force 180.

I'm doing some tests with only 1 SM (mine) and the AP pointed to my house.

With signal -60 I can't get MCS15 but only MCS10, so about 25Mbps downlink.

On uplink I'm getting MCS12 so about 15Mbps.

I tried different channels, totally clear channels using ACS, but results are the same on all channels.

Could it be an alignment issue on AP side?

Hello giuseppe4,

What is SNR and CINR on your link?

Please check whether Max DL/UL MCS is configured on AP/SM?

Also I would be really appreciate if you could provide Monitor -> Performance and Monitor -> Wireless pages screenshots after tests run.

Thank you.

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For checking alignment, you can use eAlign page. Ideally you want to have a balanced received signal between RF ch0 and ch1. Since your problem is with the DL, interference in the SM location should also be checked. ACS helps you to select a clear channel in the AP side, but to ensure your SM location has also low interference, run the Spectrum Analyzer in the SM side.


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Thank you very much for your answer!
I discovered that mounting the SM too close to a balcony caused this issue.

I simply moved the Force 180 50cm away from it and, same signal, MCS14 :-D

In particular, there was a difference between ch0 and ch1 in that position.

I had a value oscillating from -64 to -74.

Now it's super stable at -64!

SNR was 37, now it's the same, but the speed is much better!

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