How to increase Uplink Capacity on epmp force 300-25

I am having issues with Low Uplink Capacity at only 30% on epmp force 300-25. My channel Bandwidth is 40Mhz, RSSI at -65dbm, Operating frequency at 5875Mhz. and DS MCS9 QAM 5/6
How can I increase link capacity to up to 50% or even higher?

Please look at the Spectrum Analyzer. Maybe your frequency is so busy :slight_smile:
-65dbm is not an optimum :slight_smile: Try to setup link better. Use eAlign :slight_smile:

A signal of -65 isn’t very good, especially if you have poor aiming and the chains aren’t well balanced. If you look at your eAlign, it’ll show you your per-chain signals, and often a -65 has some (or all) chains which are in the 70’s.

So, please take a screen shot of your eAlign (specifically to see the per-chain signals) and post it here to let us have a look. I’ll bet your real chains signals are mostly (or all) in the -70s