how to limit Bandwidth through radius attributes? (PMP 450)

Dear all,

i'm going to deploy cambium pmp 450 to our corporate users. One important feature is central management of Bandwidth limits through an freeradius server.

How can this be done?

Using the Radius Attributes provided within the docu doesn't seem to work (i can't see these values on the SM anywhere):


antenne1 Cleartext-Password := "security"
Cambium-Canopy-ULMB = 1400,
Cambium-Canopy-DLMB = 1400,
Reply-Message="After MIR settings"

thanks for your help!



Nothing was said about the RF output power when you use a PMP450 in the 3.65ghz liscensed band outside of Amercia?

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sorry, i'm currently only using it within our lab. therefor our settings are:

Transmit Power: 10 dBm

External Gain: 17 dB

SM Receive Target Level: -60 dBm

Adjacent Channel Support: [Disabled]

Frequency Carrier: 3420.00 MHz

Channel Bandwidth: 20 MHz

Cycle Prefix: [x]2.5ms

Color Code: 0

Subscriber Color Code Rescan: 0 Minutes

Subscriber Color Code Wait Perdion: 0 Minutes [disabled]

Custom Frequencies:

3302.50 MHz

3420.00 MHz 

We are using it in Salzburg (Austria) and have payed the required licenses.

if you need more details, let me know!



This is what we push via RADIUS to our PMP-450 SMs on a "10 Megabit" profile, without VoIP:

Cambium-Canopy-HPENABLE 	= 	0
Cambium-Canopy-DLMB 	= 	12288
Cambium-Canopy-DLBR 	= 	9216
Cambium-Canopy-ULMB 	= 	2560
Cambium-Canopy-ULBL 	= 	20480
Cambium-Canopy-DLBL 	= 	49152
Cambium-Canopy-BCASTMIR 	= 	128
Cambium-Canopy-LPULCIR 	= 	0
Cambium-Canopy-LPDLCIR 	= 	0
Cambium-Canopy-HPULCIR 	= 	0
Cambium-Canopy-HPDLCIR 	= 	0
Cambium-Canopy-ULBR 	= 	1536
Fall-Through 	= 	Yes

 We're using FreeRADIUS with MySQL back-end. IP address information and VLAN information are also pushed as RADIUS AVPs.

Dear salad,

thanks - but i can't get it to work - do you handle this in an FreeRadius Server with mysql backend?

If yes, can you dump this records for me?

We would need:

- 16 Megabit down, 4 Megabit up

- VoIP Priority




Are you using the most up-to-date Cambium Dictionary file?  

On your AP, what is the "Configuration Source" set to?  It needs to be set to "Authentication Server" in order for the SM to take the parameters from the AAA server.

On the SMunder Configuratiion --> QoS you can manually set the ULMB and DLMB with the  "Max Burst Uplink Data Rate" and "Max Burst Downlink Data Rate" parameters.

This information is also calle dout in the Dictionary file.


Cambium Jonathan

This is an example of our provisioning for a 10 down / 1 up client with voice priority. The highlighted section are the various bitrates and burst numbers. You will need to adjust them for your exact offering as each provider's may be different.

We build 4 different 'groups' of attributes. One for speed, one for location, one for VLAN, and one for voice prioritization. Additionally, we add a reply item for the unique IP of the radio. For each 'group' of reply items, you need to add a Fall-Through = Yes attribute so the radius server will had out more than just one group of reply items. I hope this helps!