How to log ethernet issue?


is there a way to understand if an user have issue on his ethernet cable?

For example, a way to monitor cable SNR, disconnections, rate changes... 

I can see only a simple monitor where you can see actual status and errors, but nothing about history!

Is that feature missing?

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The best way to understand the condition of the link below the SM is to take a look at screen capture below. Unfortunately, we do not capture history of this statistic but it is supported via SNMP and you could poll it periodically to create history.

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Thank you Sakid. With a big number of clients, pulling each one isn't a good choice. Sometimes you even can't see disconnections because they are very fast, when the cable is damaged.

An history of ethernet status and port speed could really help to diagnose this issue from remote!

I'm sure your development team can do it! :-D

Hello guys, 

I had the first case of a Cambium Force 180 having bad cabling issue.

The cable was damaged and I could clearly see from the GUI:

Ethernet: Off

Ethernet: 10Mbps
Ethernet: 100Mbps
Ethernet: Off

And so on...

It's very difficult to diagnose these issue without having a log.

Please add it: idea