How to Migration cnmaestro on premises to cnmaestro Cloud

i want to ask, how to migration AP from cnmaestro on premises to cnmaestro cloud

Hi @Suroso_Budiharjo,

You can update your devices’ cnMaestro management configuration using templates and AP Groups to point them toward cloud along with your Cambium ID.

For configuration templates you can export the configuration file from a device, remove everything not related to cloud connectivity, update the values and add it as a configuration template to cnMaestro. You can then apply this configuration to all your devices. You’ll need different templates for each product family since they use different formats. i.e. PMP, ePMP, ect.

For cnPilot Enterprise and cnMatrix you can add CLI commands in the Advanced Configuration portion of the AP/Switch Groups. The CLI commands are extracted from a device’s exported configuration file similar to template-based configuration devices. Again, cnPilot Enterprise and cnMatrix have different CLI commands and will need to be configured separately.

Please note that this only moves your devices from On-Premises to cloud. It does not migrate any data such as network organization, historic data, ect.