How to modify AP parameters in CBRS on existing AP via cnMaestro management tool

Summary: This article explains the best way to modify or change the AP parameters if it is already running in CBRS.

Product: All PMP 450 platform radios.


Go to Network Services>CBRS>Management tool and click on the Device name of the AP on which you would like to modify/change the parameters:

Export the Excel for this AP by clicking on the ‘Export’ option and then ‘Export as xlsx’ as shown below:

This will start a job as below:

Once the job is completed, click on download which will start downloading the Excel file:

Open the downloaded Excel file, change the desired parameters for this AP, and re-import the Excel file.

Ensure at this step “Reimport existing devices” option should be checked as shown below:

Note: Re-importing existing devices when enabled will cause de-registration of all devices. A re-init must be performed after the import is complete.

What version of Maestro is this? Ours doesnt have the Reimport Existing devices and wants to use a template.