How to monitor Force 180 devices

Hi @SG11 ,

This is pritheeveeraj from microsense. we our company are installing the cambium force 180 RF devices . i have some doubts related to RF devices and how we can monitor the device . this will help me to monitor my network. what are all the functions to be avoided to ensure the RF is working fine.

Please provide the technical training to understand the Cambium force 180 devices .

communication via anyway. i am ok.

Pritheeveeraj S

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I shall invite you to join in our next partner training. Keep you posted via email.


Take Sreejith’s advice and take the new partner programs, spend some time in CambiumU and read the latest user manuals.

The f180 is N based so if your using epmp3000 APs then go for the f300 series and take advantage of the MU-MIMO. Else they are fully compatible with all current epmp APs.

Monitoring epmp hardware is dependant on your needs, cnMaestro does just fine for most things but most of us old WISPs have some flavor of MRTG/Cacti that we use to monitor the metrics that we deem important. Warning, this is a rabbit hole topic and can get fairly technical very fast.

If you are just wantimg to have a record of change over time MRTG will do this just fine. If you want to specify alerts based on user specified conditions then Cacti with a few addons is probably your best bet.

Best way to ensure signal issues are not a concern is to force installers to very high standards of both workmanship and RF signal strength and SNR. If every radio has a -65 and 40SNR (good luck!) then the only thing to worry about is user caused interference (eg. channel stomping from wifi routers) or the cost of build out!