How to Power cnVision from solar power.

i am working on a project for camera connectivity, but in most of the places electricity not available, hence we desided to use 24/7 solar power, but how to power up cnVision radios from solar system where 48v DC power only available. 

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I have forwarded this to the support and product teams who will have some suggestions.

Have you done anything with solar power before? You have three key components to this soluition. 

Solar panels, battery and a charge controller. The cnVision products are 30V products and consumes about 8 watts. So, you need to plan your power budget accordingly. There are numerous options in the market place but in a later post I can share some sample bill of materials. 


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Thank you for your response. yea, i have done similar kind of solution with PTP 670 and PTP 550 radios before, there i could use AC DC poe to power the radio. here the issue is, since the cnVision radio coming with AC power adaptor only, i have limitation to power from a DC power source. 

PTP550 also comes with a AC to DC adapter, right but it does take standard 802.3at power. The cnVision portfolio takes power over ethernet but 30V for everything but the Hub360r which uses 802.3af.

Yes, i have used Cambium AC DC power adaptor with PTP 550 and powered from a DC power source and it is working fine. in case of Hub360r, since it is 802.3 i think it can be powered from a standard POE switch. but unfortunately we required this kind of solution in subscriber side not in the Hub. if subscriber units could powered from POE switch, there many switches available which can work in DC power in put. 

So there is no solution for the cnVision MINI but to use the AC to 30VDC power injector? How does that make sense given these are meant to be remote end points in many security camera applications? Does anyone have a reliable solution to get the 30VDC cnVision MINI needs from 48VDC or a PoE switch? All the Tycon solar power plants are 48VDC batteries and their POE is 24V or 48V.